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Top 5 TIPS & ADVICE when booking your Wedding Entertainment…

Havana Club Trio

When it comes to your wedding reception, there are two things that the guests will critique, the food and the quality of the entertainment. If the food isn’t up to scratch people will complain for about an hour, get a few drinks in them and subsequently forget about it. However if your wedding entertainment is not up to scratch, your guests won’t interact with them, be merry or dance till dawn. There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to choosing which wedding band is the right fit for you. Here are our top traits for you to look out for when finding a truly flawless wedding band.

1.       The Set List

A wedding is the one event where different people with different interests come together to celebrate. Therefore it stands to reason that your guests will have different musical preferences. By selecting a band that presents to you their setlist ahead of time, you can be sure that a performance and set will be delivered that will be to your guests taste.

2.       The Reputation

People book a band based on recommendations from others. You should select a band who are managed by a reputable music agency, such as Audio Networks. If the agency is willing to put their name and reputation on the line to represent the band, they are worth having. An agency will only hire top quality musicians who are talented, reliable and punctual and they will have available testimonials from other clients who have previously hired them. The agency will also be able to provide you with a viewing date to see them perform live prior to you making a commitment.


3.       The  Talent

The performance standards of the entertainment is the most crucial element. You need a band who will provide a beat so irresistible that the guests have no option but to get up and dance and a vocal so flawless that the big notes are hit with ease. The entertainment should be able to read the crowd and draw them in with charisma, class and style.

A band that hits all of these factors right on the nose is the wonderfully talented Havana Club Trio. This full band have a vast authentic repertoire of songs that will please everyone from your Grandparents to your younger siblings.

Havana Club Trio understand the importance of interacting with the crowd and are renowned for providing an infectious environment that keeps the guests entertained.



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